My top 5 games part 2


Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is My top 5 games part 2!!!

1. Mad Max
     This game will still be my favourite game!!!  It is just awesome!!!!!!! The open world,combat,graphics, everything is good about this.
2. Just Cause 3
    Just Cause 3 was on the No 3 spot but I changed my mind. The graphics are pretty good. The game is very fun but the perfomance on pc is not very good.

3. Sleeping dogs.
    I recently bought sleeping dogs and I love this game. I really like the combat in this game. ITS AWESOME!!!!

4. Unravel was on No 2 but I prefer sleeping dogs and Just cause 3 but I still like this game a lot. YARNY IS SO ADORABLE!!!

5. Mirror's edge Catalyst
     I bought this game a few days ago and I am in love with it. I think that it is much better than the first one. Hardcore Parkour!!!!!!!

thank you for reading this post.
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