Middle earth:Shadow of Mordor Review

Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

Hey guys!!!

I know, I know this game is 3 years old, but I had to write a review of this game.
I bought this game in the steam summer sale.
The game is beautiful!!!! It awesome!!!!
The open world is like the best!!! For anyone of you who are new to this blog or just don't know, I love open world games, and this was one of the best open world games I have played. The combat system is kinda like Assassin's creed and Batman, which is awesome!!! I love the combat system in this game. This game is a little bit difficult though, It took me probably 20 tries to kill a Warchief (they are enemies). It actually took me a WEEK to kill the 2nd warchief. This game is so HARD!!!!I like that this game has upgrades. You can upgrade your weapons and you can get skills which is awesome!!The graphics in this game are so good. I think there is a sequel coming out of this game. It's called Middle earth: Shadow of War. I am super excited for the sequel!! 😀I think that the game is too long. I probably think that I feel that because I have played a lot of short games.
Pros and cons of this game:
Pros:The game is gorgeous!!The open world is fantasticThe combat system is goodYou can upgrade your character
Cons:The game is difficultThe game is too long (that's what I think)
I would give this game a solid 8.5/10.The game is gorgeous and fun but is a little difficult.

Thank you guys for reading this post!!!!!!!
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