Should you get a gaming laptop?

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I have made a post on laptop gaming vs desktop gaming but I wanted to post in detail about laptop gaming, gaming laptops are expensive like more expensive than desktop pcs but they are portable so that's why they are expensive. It is difficult to find a descent laptop under $2000.I know that you can find compact gaming pcs but they are expensive too. As I said in my old post, if you travel a lot you should get a gaming laptop. But you don't HAVE to get a $9000 laptop which has 2 gtx 1080s, i7 7820 HK AND 64 gigs of ram. You can get a laptop around $1000 like the Dell inspiron 7567 which has a Gtx 1050 ti and a descent cpu and it can do some descent 1080p gaming Link:
You can build a desktop pc which is going to be less expensive and more powerful BUT they are not going to be portable like a laptop.

Thank you guys for reading this post, so are you going to get a gaming laptop or are you going to get a desktop pc for gaming? let me know in the comments' section below.

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