IS blogging worth it?

My experience with blogging

Hey guys today I want to share my experience as a blogger
Now you are probably wondering why I am writing this KINDA post on a GAMING BLOG.
I am doing it because I want to share my experience being a blogger for some weeks. I wanted to blogging for a long time. I started blogging on 18 march 2017 and the post which I posted that time is the most viewed posted currently, so blogging worth it. In my opinion blogging is FUN like fun. I am a fast typer, I am not super good at typing but I am descent so I thought blogging would be perfect for me. I wanted to do youtube and I do have 1 youtube channel but I focus on the blog more. I post on this blog like everyday sometime 6 times a day 5 times. but for a week I did skip blogging but I was busy at the time. Now if u want to earn money from blogging and want to use google adsense then you may have to do some changes to your blog like writing longer posts and writing a descent about me page.

There you guys go I shared my experience with blogging with u guys.

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