My top 5 games

Hey guys today I am going to tell my top 5 favourite games of all time

1) Mad max- I like this game so much because it is so much fun!! it is me favourite game because we can free roam in so many regions and drive cars like a mad man,punch people in the face!! it's awesome!

2) Unravel- It's my 2nd favourite game because it is so CUTE!! The main character is Yarny who is super cute and the game is published by Electronic arts and is availble on PC,Xbox one and Ps4
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3)Just cause 3- The reason Just cause 3 comes 3rd in this list is because it is super fun!! We can blow up stuff and ....... blow up stuff. We can drive cars,fly a plane and a helicopter, throw grenades and shoot people in the game. We also have a wingsuit and a grappling hook. Isn't that fun?? The game is developed by Avalanche Studios.
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Mirror's Edge- Mirror's Edge comes 4th in this list is because it was the first PC game I played. I also like the game because I can do hardcore parkour I still play this game today because it is still super-duper fun. We can climp,roll and jump ofcource
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5) The reason comes 5th in this list is because it is so much .......addicting. I played this game all day. I also think that this is my favourite free to play game of all time. In this game we are a cell and we have to eat other cells and get big and rule the game. That's basically what we have to do in the game.
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Thank you guys so much for reading this post
These are my favourite games, what are yours? let me know in the comments down below.
Have a nice day!!!!!!!