Gaming build for 400$

Gaming build for 400$

Let's start with the case, I chose the Fractal design core 1100. It's a MicroATX case and it costs 40 dollars

Now time for the graphics card. I chose the Gtx 1050. This is a cool little card. You can easily game on medium to high settings at 1080p.It costs 110 dollars

Now it's time for the CPU, I chose the Intel Pentium G456. It costs 80 dollars.

Now it's time for the motherboard, I chose the MSI B250M PRO-VD. It costs 66 dollars.

Now it's time for the RAM, I chose the 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury. Even I use this in my build. It costs 69 dollars.

For the hardrive I chose the WD Blue hardrive.It costs 50 dollars
For power I chose the 750W EVGA power supply. It costs 65 dollars.

I hope I helped you guys
Thanks for reading this post