Best android games

Which are the best android games?

These are my favourite android games

1) Asphalt 8:Airbone -  This game is.......awesome I have installed this game on my computer and on my phone and this game is my favourite android game (also my favourite android game) The graphics of the game are actually pretty god and it is addicting TOO!!!

2)  Geometry dash -  Now this game is........ HARD!!!  but also super fun and addicting. Thus game is available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and windows phone. In the game you are a little character and you have to avoid obstacles.

3) Crossy road-  Ok, so this game is FUN,ADDICTING AND SIMPLE. In the game you are a little character and you have to cross the road.

4)  This game comes in my favourite games of all time and favourite free to play games and it also comes in my favourite android games because it is also available on android.In the game you are a little cell and then you have to other cells and get big and rule the game.

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