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Hey guys no one wants to spend 3 or 4000 dollars on their gaming pc build
If you want to play on ultra settings on 1080p, this build is perfect for you

Let's start with the Case I chose the Corsair Carbide Series 100R and it costs 60 dollars

Now it's time for the motherboard, I chose the  Gigabyte H170M-DS3H and it costs 83 dollars.


For the CPU I chose the i5 6600K and it costs 220 dollars

For the graphics card I chose the Gtx 1060 and it costs  235 dollars

For the hard drive I chose the WD Blue hard drive and it costs 50 dollars 


For RAM I chose 8GB of Corsair Vengeance Ram and it costs 65 dollars

For power I chose the Evga 500W power supply and it  costs 40 dollars


If you want to go a little over your budget you can get an SSd

I hope I helped you guys. Thanx for reading this post



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